Fruit Wines of Ontario is the association that establishes and maintains high standards of quality for the fruit wines of our province. Farmers, winemakers and industry specialists work together to ensure that the products we bring to market are top quality ambassadors for our exciting world of fruit wine.
Made from 100% Ontario fruit, these fruit wines bring the best of the harvest to you. From the orchards and berry patches come wines crafted with apples, pears, peaches, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and more. Next time you're looking for an alternative to a dry table wine, a sparkling refresher, or a dessert iced wine - surprise yourself with a delicious fruit wine from Ontario.

Discover....a new world of wine!

If you are planning a visit to Ontario, be sure to check our events calendar and plan to attend one of the festivals or many other winery events.

Wines from the World

Turkiye - Gercekler, Bilgiler ve Haberler

SUGGESTION : Compliment a dinner of roast chicken and fall vegetables with a clean, dry pear wine for a sophisticated taste.

WHAT'S NEW : The latest news and happenings as well as recent Competition Results.

Try our "Recipe of the Month" prepared using Ontario's Fruit Wines. Fruit Wines of Canada Quality Standards & Regulations

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